About Jeff

jeffrey badalName: Jeffrey Badal
Age: 22
Email: jeffreyclaridobadal@gmail.com

I’m Jeff and I really hate doing nothing. That’s why whenever I have spare time, either I spend it doing something that I love or something that I want to try.

I do write songs.

I have already written 40+ song lyrics, even submitted one of my songs to a popular song writing competition here in the Philippines – The Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs. My most favorite songs that I wrote was “Sweet Surprise” and “Undo Them All”. In the future, I dream of becoming a known song writer and be able to work with popular singers in the industry.

I do write novels.

I have published nearly six on progress novels and one finished novel online. I mainly post them on Tablo and Inkitt. Cause there are a lot of times where ideas just come out of my mind, so I make it sure that I input them directly to my stories so as to keep and always remember them. I’m into Science Fiction stories, and a bit of romance and fantasy.

I do doodling, portrait sketching and calligraphy.

I spend most of my time doing artworks, either doodling, portrait sketching or calligraphy. With doodling, my style includes doodling with names or words. It involves mostly with lemon slices, discs, gears, flowers, etc but currently, I started doing doodle monsters as another subjects for my doodle works. With portrait sketching, I don’t do it every time. Only at times when I am in the mood. And with calligraphy, I do them to post on Instagram. I’ve always been fond of calligraphy since I was in my grade school, even up until now.

I have an interest with photography.

I always get amused with professional photographers. And since I love visuals, my eyes get delighted with photos. And with that, I love taking pictures of nature, moments and of the surroundings. That includes sunrises and sunsets, beaches, mountains, food, etc. As long as they are worthy for picture taking, I won’t miss the chance. In the near future, I would love to take pictures of the places that I’ll be traveling to. *crossed-fingers

I blog.

I never knew how it is rewarding to blog what you love, what interests you, what you’ve done and what you want to be. Being online doesn’t have to be solely about social media networks and games, it should also be about blogging that keeps the online world alive. Being able to read a lot of blogs, may they be travel, tech, fashion, trends, science, DIY or for fun, just enough to bring me into blogging.



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