My First With Zalora Philippines

zalora philippines

Before, never did I consider buying things that I like online. I thought that it is too risky. But undeniably, sometimes, items online are just too tempting though usually they look different when in person.

When being online, advertisement banners are all over on a website page. Who wouldn’t notice these when in every corner, there’s one or two. Sometimes, they even function as pop-ups. Annoying as they are, well honestly, but that’s just how they acquire customers. And I was baited with it.

Just last December 2015, Zalora happened to me. Two weeks before our company’s Christmas party, I didn’t have any outfit to wear, yet. So, along with my friends, we scrolled over website and looked for something that might save us, more to save me. And luckily, I was able to find an item that was affordable but elegant as well. It was not a long sleeve, not a blazer, nor pants, but a pair of shoes.

After signing up for their newsletter, I was able to get a P300 less code. So, the total cash out was deducted by P300.

contrast detal lace up shoes zalora philippines

Contrast Detail Lace Up Shoes by Zalora

Brown. Long-tipped. Formal. Cheap. Just the way I like it. It caught my attention instantly when I was just scrolling over This Contrast Detail Lace Up Shoes sold by Zalora was definitely one of those items that I put on my Wishlist directly. Since I like items that are hued with color brown, my sight focused on it after seeing it on the screen.I also prefer shoes that are long-tipped so I can make my feet look bigger, since I have a slim feet. It was the perfect choice to wear for our party which was themed with Hollywood, thus formal outfit was expected.

lace up shoes zalora philippines

And lastly, cheap. Of course, it was the gift-giving season so I already budgeted my money for this thing and for that, and the shoes was just right for my budget. My concern after ordering it online was, what if the size I chose isn’t the right fit? But luckily, I received the shoe with the perfect fit.

And since I was able to receive bonuses (speaking of 13th month pay), not only I ordered the shoes but also headphones.

boom headphones zalora philippines

H001-Boom 226 Headphones by Rocket Audio

To be honest, I never had headphones in my life. It must be a shame since I am a confessed music lover and headphones are definitely one of those necessities that a music lover should own. Well, I have the cheaper one, earphones. But that was history for I bought this H001-Boom 226 Headphones created by Rocket Audio. I chose this item for again, it was cheap, and then just by looking at it through website, it enticed me enough to order it. Why the color orange? This model has 2 available colors orange and yellow and since I find yellow unattractive, I chose orange (the irony is that my favorite color is yellow).

boom headphones zalora philippines

As I received it and unpacked it from the package, it weighed great. So light in weight and the color was vibrant. Anyways, I gave it to my brother as a Christmas gift for him. But I do borrow it whenever I am at home (I work in a city away from home).o

zalora philippines

I received these two items that I ordered through website earlier than 7 days, as what Zalora did promise. It was cash on delivery so I paid right when they delivered it on the designated address I requested. Mind you, it was a free delivery since offers no delivery fee when orders are above P995. So the total cash that I paid for my orders is:

Contrast Detail Lace Up Shoes: +P1499.00
H001-Boom 226 Headphones: +P495
Discount Code: -P300
Total: P1694

Was I satisfied? Not exaggerating but, YES! I was able to wear the shoes during the Christmas party I attended and also during the mass I had with my family near our hometown. And the headphones, it is being used everyday since my younger brother is also a music lover (it runs in our blood).

lace up shoes zalora philippines

So if you’re going to ask me if I recommend, no doubt, another YES! Risk-free due to cash-on-delivery, what-you-see-is-what-you-get items, guaranteed 30 days return (though I haven’t tried but is one of their promises), and free shipping! PLUS, they have a lot of known brands such as Mango, 24:01, Rayban, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, XOXO, Juicy Couture, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.

To enjoy 15% discount when purchasing Zalora items, use this code: ZBAPZW71

Online shops is getting popular now that most people are too busy having no time to go the malls, and being online is just very convenient letting them to scroll and click whatever they find. Though not all online shops are recommended, you still have to choose the one that is most trusted. And I trust Zalora Philippines. You must and should too.

zalora ph


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