Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3

kung fu panda 3 movie review
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You know why I’m so into animated movies with the likes of Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Toy Story and what you have there is that I just find them very interesting and unique. Knowing that a lot of people work together just to create such masterpieces. Given, animation is not a joke. It requires a couple of years. Yes, YEARS. Just like Pixar’s Inside Out. The planning, the casting, everything. Can only be done for more than 2 or 3 years. That’s why I really appreciate them more. Though near-to-reality graphics can also be applauded, I’m just being bias. But anyways, which is which, both needs effort, patience and money during the making. That’s the truth with movies.

Back to the topic animated movies, just recently, a 3rd installment of an anticipated movie was released. I’m talking about Kung Fu Panda 3. Have you watched Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2? If not, why? Yes? You’re awesome! Definitely one of those movies which are hilarious and very funny.

But I’m just wondering why it hasn’t gained much attention and appreciation, especially in the social media sphere. I haven’t read a review about the movie online just yet, but at least, let me give you firsthand my review about it. Please do read more proceeding to my review. 🙂

Directed by: Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni

Produced by: Melissa Cobb

Written by: Jonathan Albel and Glenn Berger

Based on: Characters created by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris


Jack Black (Po)
Angelina Jolie (Tigress)
Dustin Hoffman (Master Shifu)
J. K. Simmons (Kai)
James Hong (Mr. Ping)
Jackie Chan (Monkey)
Lucy Liu (Viper)
Seth Rogen (Mantis)
David Cross (Crane)
Bryan Cranston (Li Shan)
Kate Hudson (Mei Mei)
Randall Duk Kim (Grand Master Oogway)

Music by: Hans Zimmer

Edited by: Clare Knight

Production Companies: DreamWorks Animation, Oiental DreamWorks, China Media Capital
Shanghai Media Group

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Quick Plot: Grand Master Oogway was in the Chinese Spirit Realm when he was defeated by the Spirit Warrior and Collector Kai which stole his chi. When Kai decided to go to the mortal world, he stormed the whole China defeating all of the kung fu masters turning them into his allies. At the same time, Po’s long lost father Mr. Ping appeared at their restaurant. Po was told about his destiny which is to become Master Oogway’s successor so he was brought to their very own village, to train himself and to train his kind. When Kai was able to defeat Master Shifu, Monkey, Mantis and Viper, Tigress was able to escape and then she warned Po about Kai’s coming. This was when Po learned to become a teacher to his kind which Master Oogway has asked him to do. And the best kung fu fight was made in history.

kung fu panda 3 movie review
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Characters (9/10): From the first movie until this 3rd installment, the characters were still the same. Obviously, but I mean, they remained the same.With Po being such an easy-peasy panda, Tigress being so serious, Grand Master Oogway as always so hopeful about Po, and the others. Yet, they are still very unique from each other. Definitely, every one of them shined on their own.

Direction: I find the flow of this animated movie fine. Happenings came so abrupt but still, they didn’t matter or else the movie will get more lengthy. But what the biggest plus for me were the fighting scenes. Bet they were forced to learn kung fu so as to make the movie entertaining and show near to what really Kung Fu is.

Cinematography (7/10): Throughout the movie, the background must have not been given attention that much, being so focused about the story and the scenes. This happened to me, honestly. I was just so into the story line and the fighting scenes that I almost ignored what was in the background. But I guess, it was more compelling this time.

Writing (9/10): What’s keeping me into animated movies are the messages and memorable lines that any character utter within the movie. Just like what Master Shifu said to Po with the line, “I’m not trying to turn you into me, I’ trying to turn you into you.” And a lot of other reflective sentences that was given in the movie. You’ll gonna love to always hear them.

Editing (9/10): Sometimes, it annoys me whenever movie scenes transition too fast. But, since Kung Fu Panda 3 has fighting scenes, it worked just fine for me. Got mesmerized with the special effects, mostly when Po became a dragon warrior. (Oops! Spoiler alert)

Set Design(8/10): China being the specific country where the movie was set, Chinese culture and tradition can be observed in the whole duration of the movie. It kinda introduced me China where I’ve never been before. But, I kinda expected much from what Po’s relatives’ place would look like. It lacked details, I think but still, this is just a minute concern.

Score or Soundtrack: The music score really did blend to the specific scenes in the movie making them more convincing and exciting. And of course, there’s still that song Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. A universal song that has been over used among movies that involve Chinese and Kung Fu.

kung fu panda 3 movie review
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Lost Idea: I found no lost details in the movie but my concern was about Grand Master Oogway not coming back to the mortal world. I mean, Kai came from the spirit realm and did bring himself to the mortal world but why not Oogway? But anyway, I already accepted this since Oogway said that the spirit realm is his new home and that Po is successfully ready to become responsible in succeeding him.

Conclusion: Being able to watch Kung Fu Panda from its first installment to the second, I felt that I was  really obliged to watch the current movie. And since the trailer was really funny, with Po’s scene with his father, I really laughed to it and did convince me to watch it. And the final part was just so awesome when Po was fighting with Kai. It made my heart jump with excitement. Indeed, a hilarious and worth-watching animated movie.

Got words to say abut this review? Don’t forget to share your thoughts by commenting below. Thanks!


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