Movie Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave Movie Review
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I am a self-confessed Science Fiction aficionado. If you’d ask whether I’ve watched and read the book and the movie of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent, and the likes, well hell yeah! So fond of these futuristic and advanced worlds that I sometimes get lost into it. Aside of being a fan of animated movies, definitely watching Sci Fi movies is also my past time. It’s just that they trigger your wildest imagination. Right?

As you might have noticed that the movies I’ve mentioned above were based on novels. Yes. I do read novels too. Well, who does not? (Though I haven’t read Divergent and hasn’t yet read the prequel and the last sequel of The Maze Runner)  Which also inspired me to write my own novels too. Some were works that are still in progress for know that I’m not a professional novelist, just a novel writing enthusiast. XD But anyways, if ever you have read other Sci Fi novels that I may not have heard or known about, you can comment it below. Will be thanking for your suggestions! 🙂

Directed byJonathan “J” Blakeson

Produced by:  Graham King, Tobey Maguire, Lynn Harris and Matthew Plouffe

Story by:Screenplay bySusannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner

Based on:  The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey


Chloë Grace Moretz (Cassie Sullivan)
Nick Robinson (Ben Parish/Zombie)
Ron Livingston (Oliver Sullivan)
Maggie Siff (Lisa Sullivan)
Alex Roe (Evan Walker)
Maria Bello (Sergeant Reznik)
Maika Monroe (Ringer)
Liev Schreiber (Colonel Vosch)
Zackary Arthur (Sammy Sullivan)
Tony Revolori (Dumbo)
Talitha Bateman (Teacup)

Music byHenry Jackman

CinematographyEnrique Chediak

Edited byPaul Rubell

Production CompaniesGK Films and Material Pictures

Distributed byColumbia Pictures

The people behind the possibility of this movie as mentioned above sure deserve praises. A thousand claps for the effort, commitment and dedication you parted for this movie. With no further ado, here’s my review.

Quick Plot: The story follows the journey of Cassie Sullivan when her life and the people of Earth changed instantly when an alien race suddenly entered the scene. Will she, her family, and the rest of the human race endure and survive the alien invasion?

Characters (7/10): I always make sure that I can be very honest with my movie reviews. And yeah, I thought of not really liking the casting of this movie. But that changed when I was halfway in watching the movie. Chloë Grace Moretz’ character registered in my mind and accepted what her role really is, being the main protagonist of the movie. While Zackary Arthur’s acting was a bit underwhelming but since he is still a kid, he still have time to improve. Nick Robinson’s character is a bit acceptable, and yes, he really suited the role. I really don’t think Alex Roe is the right choice as a love interest for Moretz‘ character, for I don’t see a chemistry between them, but the cheesiness of the words coming from Evan Walker made it quite effective.

The 5th Wave Movie Review
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Direction (7/10): I haven’t read the novel yet but in the movie, I think the happenings were in a very fast pace. Like, the first three waves happened really quick with not much of emphasis. But it went well in the last two waves as what the story is all about, the 5th wave. But if ever there will be a sequel for this movie, yeah, I know there’s a second book of it, but I don’t know if they continue working on for the second movie, I wish they will work more about the casting.

Cinematography (7/10): The movie is not your ordinary movie, but at the same time, not that great just like what other great movies you can think of. But nevertheless, I still find it interesting.

Writing (8/10): I find the script written just in an average scale. But the words of Oliver Sullivan, Cassie’s father, true and they really made sense. Though I can no longer recall them but sure are striking. And who would ignore Evan Walker’s cheesy words towards Cassie? Honestly, their first moments sparked their potential tandem. Told you that I am not a fan of their love team but not long enough that I ended liking their chemistry.

Editing (7/10): Like what I’ve said earlier, the scenes was a bit fast in the first minutes or hour of the movie. But maybe for you, it’s unnoticeable and that’s okay with me. What really bothered me was the crashing plane which I think was kinda fake (in movies, it must really look real) but you can just ignore me. 😀

Set Design (8/10): I find the setting of the movie appropriate. The community, the woods, the Other’s Headquarters, all of the venues where scenes were taken, I think they were thoroughly thought. But about the car in the middle of the forest, nah. How could the author (if the car exists in the novel) or the director thought about it? LOL

Score or Soundtrack (8/10): I find the sound effects effective in the movie but I almost ignored the songs being played in the movie not until Sia’s Alive rolled at the credits of the movie. Really suited the movie. 😀

Lost Idea: Yeah. I didn’t expect the twist about the 5th wave. But, I still find it confusing why the aliens already know the language of humans. I remember Evan saying that he has been on Earth for a long time, and maybe that’s when he learned the human language yet, I beg for emphasis. Maybe a flashback of that time when aliens first landed on earth and such.


I just don’t find the reviews in Rotten Tomatoes reasonable enough to just rate the movie below 50% and felt like they are just holding themselves from giving a little bit of praises towards the movie. But knowing that theirs are based on opinion so I can’t really blame them. Anyways, The 5th Wave really did a great job, well, for me. I didn’t expect much about it yet it made me crave for the sequel. If you have time, see the movie yourself, and let’s talk about it here.


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